The Women of Putnam Woods

TWOPW webNew York City beat cop Stuart Rhodes is not the man he used to be. An errant bullet during a skirmish in perilous Bryant Park has left him financially dependent on his wife, artist Johanna Rhodes. Fortune befalls them in the form of an ancient family inheritance in idyllic Putnam Woods, a quaint New England village nestled in the wild and rugged hills of Northern Massachusetts.

Whately House is the sort of place Stuart and Johanna have always dreamed of owning, but from the moment of their arrival, the town and the surrounding woods fill Stuart with an overwhelming sense of dread. Plagued by recurring nightmares that leave him drained of vitality, Stuart is further confounded by the bountiful female population of Putnam Woods. Every woman and girl of child bearing age exists in a state of perpetual pregnancy – a phenomena made all the more mysterious by the noticeably sparse male population.

In an attempt to unravel the myriad secrets of Putnam Woods, Stuart must confront long buried fear in the dark recesses of his mind. But can he learn the secret of Putnam Woods without losing his already tenuous grip on reality?

Reminiscent of the weird, gothic tales of the early twentieth century, The Women of Putnam Woods is a 35,000 word novella of quietly mounting horror.

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