“Barrymore Tebbs has definitely earned his place in the annals of the classic gothic novella.”
Amazon customer review of Black Valentines

“This is not a horror story. There is no blood and gore. This isn’t even supernatural, really. It’s more along the lines of “just possible” – and that is what makes this novella a true success. It’s hard to even call it fantasy, because the world in the story is so well-drawn you feel as if you could possibly walk into it.”

Amazon customer review of The Fairies at Browning Grange

“A young woman takes a job as a governess in a dark old house, and uncovers all of the family’s secrets. Sounds familiar, right? What if the secrets involve drug addiction, ritual sacrifice, threats of cannibalism and spiders crawling out of a character’s mouth? Tebbs takes a bunch of conventions from the gothic romance genre, and updates them without changing the language, delivering on the promises made by the genre’s most lurid covers.”
Amazon customer review of The Haunting at Blackwood Hall