Barrymore Tebbs

The official internet home of Psychological Gothic Fiction writer Barrymore Tebbs whose “stories are historical, doom-laden creepfests about people struggling (and often failing) to make sense of the situations they find themselves in.”- from a review of Black Valentines by reader Eric Henderson

This is not a horror story. There is no blood and gore. This isn’t even supernatural, really. It’s more along the lines of “just possible”, if that makes sense – and that is what makes this novella a true success. It’s hard to even call it fantasy, because the world in the story is so well-drawn you feel as if you could possibly walk into it.”
- from a review of The Fairies at Browning Grange by reader Beth Cross

With self-publishing flourishing along with the robust market for e-books, it can be a daunting task to find quality work to enjoy. What a delight it was, then, to discover in Barrymore Tebbs’ The Haunting at Blackwood Hall, not just quality craftsmanship but a cracking good tale with all the elements that combine to create the moody and thrilling world of a truly Gothic ghost story. The Haunting at Blackwood Hall is a genuine self-published gem!
- from a review of The Haunting at Blackwood Hall by reader Todd Jeffries